icon_01The GPlus Pro Core Foundation Video Training Series: $497 Value

I’ll receive the core foundation “series of step-by-step” videos, INSTANTLY, so I’ll be ready to build an EVERLASTING business within the biggest search engine on the planet, Google. No more slaps and No more Google Nonsense! Only results, like better rankings, more traffic, expert authority and more business!


icon_02Advanced Google+ Training Videos
(Always Updated): $597 Value

In this ongoing, cutting edge, advanced video training series, I will learn how to put any business on steroids. As Google makes updates I want to keep my business at the forefront. Faster rankings, more Google authority and even more business!

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Proprietary WordPress Plugin: $197 Value

Value Because I want to focus on my business and making money, fast, and I don’t want to waste time with technical mumbo jumbo, I want to use the “copy & paste” & “plug-n-play” format of this software that makes life much easier.


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Client Snag “Client Getting with
Google Plus”: $447 Value

As an offline marketer I understand that I need clients and I want to learn how to get new clients this week using only Google+. I really like the fact of getting clients without cold calling and additional costs. I also like being able to sell the Client Snag method as a service to the clients I just got using the Client Snag method. It’s a win – win!


icon_05GPlus Pro Community
(Our Mastermind): $247/mo Value

I want to be a part of a community of like minded members that all work together to boost Google rankings, Google authority, share success stories and money making ideas and much more.


icon_06Bonuses: $4,999 Value

I realize that Google is always changing and I want to be able to participate in members only training webinars that will keep my business on the cutting edge. I love that the members pick the training topics and each webinar ends with a Q&A session where I can get any question answered (there are 2-4 webinars monthly). On top of the member’s only webinars, I will receive additional marketing tools, such as, email swipe, marketing videos and more.

***A full Google+ Local case study that we built from scratch, selected a business, keyword research, researching and adding citations, etc…We cover everything and we are giving updates on the progress of the listing.


“YES, I understand this is my chance to DOMINATE Google by driving more traffic, becoming the market expert and generating more business than ever! Plus, I’ll know that I’m always up to date on Google and I’ll never have to worry about Google’s shenanigans again!”

I’m Ready Count Me In!

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“Thanks so much Joe. You guys ROCK”

“Thanks so much Joe. You guys ROCK. I got a GPlusPro membership. I could learn how to do it myself, but you guys are saving me so much time. I’ll be a member for life. There’s no way I’m gonna ask for my money back. I know you guys are going to continue to save me time. I don’t have time to analyses the data results the way you guys do. You provide such a great service. I was on the webinar today and it was sooooo good.”

- Paul S  -January 2013


“I don’t give compliments easily”

“I don’t give compliments easily but your training is the bomb!. Or as we Brits say, “your training is really very good!”

- Hakeem A.  -January 2013


“This Google+ realllllly works!”


This Google+ realllllly works! I posted early this morning around 3a.m. a post on Big Band Sound. Looked a couple minutes ago, and it is already #3 on page one for big band sound! I can barely believe my eyes!!! Thanks.”

- Carole S.  -January 2013


“Really impressed & now I am super excited”

“I joined GPlus Pro just before Christmas, I finished going through all the trainings this morning, I was really impressed & now I am super excited :)
****2013 is going to be awesome!*****”

- Sally-May S.  – December 2012


“Harold and Joe – that class tonight was awesome”

“Harold and Joe – that class tonight was awesome. I have already created 2 communities of the programs that I am marketing. You guys gave me an answer to my prayers. I look forward to marketing this to everyone. Thanks again.”

Melton M.

- Melton M.  – January 2013